Can we put an essence before or after the serum with copper peptides?

The serum with copper peptides is to be put first preferably. You can then put an essence after waiting a few minutes.

Do peptides accelerate hair growth on the face?

No studies show that they promote hair growth because it does not alter the hair follicle.

What is the difference between the multi-active serum which contains 8% peptides and the youth serum with 2% copper peptides?

The multi-active serum can of course be sufficient on its own to target the signs of aging, but the copper peptide remains one of the most scientifically studied peptides for their anti-aging properties. It has properties that other peptides do not have such as: stimulation of skin healing, reduction of inflammation and antioxidant. In addition, our copper peptide serum also contains new peptides with cosmetic drone technology (the active is encapsulated to increase penetration and bioavailability). The youth serum is therefore even more effective on the signs of aging.

When to start an anti-aging treatment?

Between the ages of 25 and 35 because that's when you start to have a drop in collagen production. Skin aging is often accelerated by external factors: sun, pollution, lifestyle (sleep, stress, cigarettes, nutrition).

Can pure vitamin C be mixed with products containing copper peptide?

No, you should not mix pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) at the same time as a serum or product that contains a copper peptide (cooper peptide) because this cancels the effects of both serums. But you can use pure vitamin C in the morning and in the evening put a serum that contains a copper peptide. However, it is possible to mix pure vitamin C with the NOOANCE multi-active serum.

Can the serums be mixed?

No, it's best not to. The formulations are designed to ensure good penetration of the active ingredients. When you mix products you can disturb this so it is better to apply them one after the other rather than mixing them.

Does the eye contour act on puffiness that is swollen (lack of firmness, circulatory problem and fat deposits)?

No, the eye contour can only act on puffiness of the edema type which naturally diminishes over the day. For fatty pockets, cosmetics have no effect and can act only in prevention.

Can the Elixir with 10 precious oils be used on skin with imperfections? Is it comedogenic?

Yes, the elixir is suitable for all skin types, even acne-prone skin. The main oils (jojoba and nigella) can help acne-prone skin. On the other hand, comedogenicity is specific to everyone, it is impossible to guarantee that the product will not be comedogenic on your skin in particular.

Can I use a cream with retinol in the morning?

No, photosensitizing species, retinol increases skin sensitivity during exposure to UV radiation from the sun. For this reason, it is preferable to apply a treatment containing this active ingredient in the evening, before going to bed.

Are your products VEGAN?

Yes, except our retinol creams which contain a honey derivative in the formula.

Can we mix retinol and copper peptides?

Yes, you can absolutely use retinol skincare with our copper peptide serum.

I already use retinol at night and am looking for a cream rich in niacinamide, what do you recommend?

We can recommend our serums that contain niacinamide to include in your morning routine: the multi-active serum or the bubble serum.

I suffer from rosacea, which serum should I use?

The copper peptide serum is extremely well tolerated by skin suffering from rosacea and generally from any inflammatory concern. Ursus skincare talks about it very well in the live on our website ( media space section ).