Discover the "shield" treatment with niacinamide. For hydrated, protected, radiant skin.

NOOĀNCE, the French brand revolutionising anti-aging skincare.

When creating NOOANCE, my vision was clear: to develop a range of treatments whose active ingredients are not only powerful, but also dosed with exemplary precision, reflecting current innovations and scientific advances. Furthermore, with the emergence of beauty tech, I saw an opportunity to amplify the effectiveness of our products, by combining the power of the latest generation technology with the excellence of our formulas.

However, NOOANCE aims to go beyond simply being at the forefront of cosmetic science. Our ambition is to demystify this science by making our formulas understandable to everyone. We believe that each individual should have the opportunity to fully comprehend the components of their serum or cream if they so desire.

Sustainability is another core value close to my heart. This value is not only evident in our formulas but also in the design of our packaging, which is created with utmost respect for our precious planet. For instance, we consciously avoid using ingredients sourced from deforestation or harvested from faraway places, even if they are labeled as 'natural' or 'organic'. Whenever feasible, we prefer to reproduce these ingredients identically and ethically in the laboratory.

With NOOANCE, we are taking a bold step into the future, where beauty, science, and technology meet to deliver a holistic and mindful experience.

Without any hint of false modesty, I assert that NOOANCE is now the 360-degree beauty Ritual of Tomorrow."

Carole Amar, founder of the Nooance brand


All our formulations are 100% French. We work hand in hand with partner laboratories located across France. We choose the most relevant origin of our ingredients for the planet, and to respect the skin of our customers.

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