A French brand specialising in anti-ageing skincare and advanced technology, NOOĀNCE offers innovative formulas free from perfumes, essential oils and potentially irritating compounds and is therefore suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

NOOĀNCE treatments are formulated with the very best natural extracts combined with ultra-concentrated and scientifically proven active ingredients. Highly effective, the range is the result of two demanding years of advanced research and development with the best French laboratories. The products are subjected to the most stringent tests, to offer carefully adapted and hyper-efficient anti-ageing care.

By protecting your skin from irritation and environmental aggressors, lifestyle and other health factors, NOOĀNCE products support you in "ageing well". By offering utmost transparency in making all the information about its formulas available, NOOĀNCE is an expert yet honest brand that does not simply follow marketing trends, but paves the way in the latest scientific research and innovation.


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When I decided to create NOOĀNCE, my goal was to offer a range of skincare products with powerful and meticulously dosed active ingredients, based on the latest scientific advances, not just trends.
NOOĀNCE is a brand at the forefront of scientific innovation yet offers a clear understanding of every formula, allowing consumers to view the unique composition of every product should they wish to know more.
Since eco-responsibility is particularly close to my heart, the formulas and our packaging have been designed to preserve our planet.
We will never seek an ingredient linked to deforestation on the other side of the world on the pretext that it would be natural or organic, if it can be replicated identically in a laboratory."

Carole Amar, founder of the NOOĀNCE brand

The NOOANCE philosophy

All of our product formulas are 100% French-made and we work hand in hand with collaborating laboratories located in the four corners of France. We select only the highest quality ingredients from sustainable and appropriate origins to protect the planet, the skin and the consumer. For us it's simply unthinkable to be involved in deforestation to produce a natural active when science has the capacity to reproduce the same high quality molecules in a laboratory environment.

NOOĀNCE aims to demystify the language used by the beauty industry and allow the understanding of cosmetics to become accessible to all. This is why we choose to be totally transparent in everything we do.
Transparency at NOOĀNCE means revealing all the ingredients present in our formulations alongside their unique composition percentages. We do not gatekeep our formulations, ever.

Without compromising on sensoriality

We believe it is essential to combine an effective scientific formula with the pure "enjoyment" of application. It is therefore this combination that we at NOOĀNCE call "sciensoriality", the art of science and sensoriality.
Our goal: to stimulate positive emotions through exquisite textures and products that are a delight to use.
We do not use perfume in our products, except for our rinse-off products which we perfume with subtle fragrances.

In a world where the cosmetic offer is constantly changing and where the organic and natural market is exploding, NOOĀNCE offers scientifically formulated cosmetics based on ultra-concentrated and highly effective active ingredients used for their benefits, not their labels. We stand in the face of a market overwhelmed by such labels, complicated terminology and unclear information. For us, it is not a question of simply ticking boxes but of challenging the status quo.


NOOĀNCE has developed a range of innovative technological devices, usually found in clinics, and used by aesthetic medical practitioners.
These advanced anti-ageing beauty devices are complementary to the skincare range and are based on cutting-edge technologies that are now finally available to use from the comfort of your own home.


“No desire to be certified organic, natural or conventional...
Simply the conviction and the desire to take the best of nature by avoiding irritants and known allergens while making intelligent choices on ingredients by studying their impact and efficacy. For example, using organic ingredients from South America sounds wonderful, but what about the carbon footprint? Or bio-plastic packaging which sounds innovative, but what about the destruction of our planet's resources? I only choose ingredients which are scientifically-proven to deliver results and efficacy." 

Carole Amar, founder of NOOĀNCE


At NOOĀNCE, our ethos is clear: to always do our best, with common sense. For our active ingredient sourcing, we seek the right balance between efficacy and environmental impact. We always favour local sourcing, with ingredients created in our laboratory rather than on the other side of the planet.


The majority of NOOĀNCE skincare containers are made of glass, a material that is 100% recyclable.
For the rest of the line, we have chosen to use recyclable and/or recycled plastic.
Refillable products: we aim to offer refills whenever possible. This solution allows us to reduce our waste, the costs of our products, but also the carbon footprint that is generated in proportion to the weight of your order.
We always do the best we can and favour common sense in all the choices we make.

At NOOĀNCE, transparency is at the core of our philosophy. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information on our products or ingredients.

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