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Hair Beauty and Growth Helmet

Hair Beauty and Growth Helmet

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  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Increases hair density
  • Boosts hair shine
  • Dual Laser and LED Technology
  • Results proven by French clinical studies
Hair Beauty and Growth Helmet Hair Beauty and Growth Helmet

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Our helmets use a combination of LED and LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) Laser technologies to maximize the effectiveness of hair regrowth . Wavelengths between 650 and 655 nanometers emitted are among the best documented and most studied in the scientific community for their benefits on hair bulbs and the scalp .

These clinical studies attest to their effectiveness in guaranteeing healthy and vigorous hair regrowth. This wavelength range optimally targets and stimulates hair follicles , promoting renewed hair growth and improving the overall condition of the scalp.

  • Targeted Photo-biomodulation

    Using a unique combination of 51 lasers and 69 LEDs, our helmet emits optimal wavelengths of 650 nm , penetrating deep into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles, which promotes direct and effective activation of natural hair growth mechanisms .

  • Maximizing results

    Thanks to the precise combination of laser and LED technologies, our device offers a dual action : the lasers target the follicles for direct stimulation , while the LEDs improve cellular energy and the overall health of the scalp, creating conditions ideal for robust regrowth.

  • Sublimated Hair

    A high-tech device to integrate into your routine to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair. This non-invasive solution is intended for hair losing density , colored hair, blonde hair weakened by bleaching, curls in search of pep , fine and flat hair lacking volume and shine...

  • Clinically Proven Results

    Designed based on rigorous scientific studies , the NOOĀNCE Paris helmet has demonstrated its effectiveness in increasing hair density , reducing hair loss and improving overall scalp health , providing you with a reliable and cutting-edge solution against alopecia. .

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Remarkable results

  • Intensely stimulates new hair growth
  • Visibly increases the diameter and strength of each hair
  • Improves overall scalp health for healthy, strong growth
  • Helps reduce scalp inflammation which can be a cause of hair loss.
  • Significantly reduces daily hair loss
  • Validated by French clinical studies, guaranteeing results. (Gredeco Laboratories)
  • 1. Improved blood circulation

    This is what allows hair follicles to receive more nutrients and oxygen to promote hair growth.

  • 2. Increased cellular energy

    By stimulating the production of ATP (an energy molecule), the helmet's technology allows follicles to function more efficiently and promote hair growth.

  • 3. Reduction of inflammation

    It can be a cause of hair loss. The helmet soothes the scalp and creates a healthier environment for hair growth.

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Learn more

Les mécanismes d'action des LEDs et des lasers pour la stimulation des bulbes capillaires sont complexes et impliquent plusieurs processus cellulaires et moléculaires. Voici une explication plus détaillée des principaux mécanismes d'action :

  • Absorption de la lumière par les chromophores : Les chromophores sont des molécules qui peuvent absorber la lumière à certaines longueurs d'onde. Dans les cellules des follicules pileux, l'un des principaux chromophores est la cytochrome c oxydase, une enzyme présente dans les mitochondries. Lorsque la lumière à 650 nm émise par les LEDs et les lasers est absorbée par la cytochrome c oxydase, cela entraîne une augmentation de l'activité enzymatique et une production accrue d'adénosine triphosphate (ATP), la principale source d'énergie pour les cellules.
  • Augmentation de l'ATP et de l'énergie cellulaire : L'augmentation de la production d'ATP fournit aux cellules des follicules pileux l'énergie nécessaire pour soutenir des processus métaboliques essentiels, tels que la prolifération et la différenciation cellulaire. Cela favorise la croissance des cheveux en stimulant les cellules du follicule pileux et en les maintenant dans la phase anagène (croissance) plus longtemps.
  • Libération de facteurs de croissance : La photobiomodulation induite par les LEDs et les lasers à 650 nm stimule également la libération de facteurs de croissance, tels que le facteur de croissance vasculaire endothélial (VEGF) et le facteur de croissance des fibroblastes (FGF). Ces facteurs de croissance jouent un rôle clé dans la régulation de la croissance et de la survie des cellules, en favorisant la prolifération cellulaire et la différenciation au sein du follicule pileux.
  • Stimulation de la microcirculation : L'augmentation de la production d'ATP et la libération de facteurs de croissance améliorent la microcirculation sanguine autour des follicules pileux. Une meilleure circulation sanguine permet d'apporter plus de nutriments et d'oxygène aux follicules pileux, soutenant ainsi la croissance des cheveux.
    Réduction de l'inflammation : Les LEDs et les lasers à 650 nm réduisent l'inflammation dans le cuir chevelu en inhibant la production de médiateurs pro-inflammatoires, tels que les cytokines et les prostaglandines. Une inflammation réduite peut contribuer à un environnement plus sain pour les follicules pileux, ce qui favorise la croissance des cheveux et prévient la perte de cheveux.

En résumé, les mécanismes d'action des LEDs et des lasers sur la stimulation des bulbes capillaires sont étroitement liés aux processus cellulaires et moléculaires, tels que l'absorption de la lumière par les chromophores, l'augmentation de l'ATP et de l'énergie cellulaire, la libération de facteurs de croissance, la stimulation de la microcirculation et la réduction de l'inflammation. Ces processus travaillent ensemble pour favoriser la croissance des cheveux et prévenir la perte de cheveux en créant un environnement optimal pour le fonctionnement et la croissance des follicules pileux.

Il est important de noter que l'efficacité de la photobiomodulation dépend de plusieurs facteurs, tels que la longueur d'onde de la lumière, la puissance, la durée du traitement et la fréquence des séances. Dans le cas du casque NOOĀNCE, l'utilisation combinée de LEDs et de lasers à 650 nm permet de maximiser l'efficacité du traitement en offrant une large couverture du cuir chevelu, une pénétration profonde des tissus et un potentiel d'efficacité accrue.

La compréhension des mécanismes d'action des LEDs et des lasers sur la stimulation des bulbes capillaires est essentielle pour optimiser les traitements et offrir des solutions personnalisées aux personnes souffrant d'alopécie. Bien que les résultats puissent varier en fonction des caractéristiques individuelles, de nombreux utilisateurs du casque NOOĀNCE peuvent observer une amélioration significative de la croissance des cheveux et une réduction de la perte de cheveux après un traitement régulier et conforme aux recommandations d'utilisation des 4 à 6 mois.

Technical characteristics

Spécification Détail
Nom du Produit Casque Essentiel
Modèle N° M-120
Fonction Croissance des cheveux
Nombre de LED 69 LEDs
Nombre de Lasers 51 lasers de classe 3R (LLLT)
Longueur d'onde Laser : 650±5 nm
Lumière LED rouge : 650±5 nm
Puissance Totale 1200 mw/cm²
Zone de Traitement 500 cm²
Irradiance 2.5 mw/cm²
Fluence 3.5 J/cm²
Fluence Totale 1750 J/cm²
Protocole de Traitement 20 minutes un jour sur deux pendant 12 semaines
FDA K231322

Scientific studies

Expected results and precautions

Users can expect to see visible results as early as 16 weeks of regular use of the NOOĀNCE headset. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of treatment may vary depending on the individual and the underlying cause of hair loss.

The NOOĀNCE helmet is generally considered safe and without major side effects. However, some people may feel a slight sensation of warmth or tingling when using the headset, which is normal (stimulation of blood circulation and oxygenation of cells) and should disappear once the treatment is completed.

It is important to consult a healthcare professional before starting to use the NOOĀNCE helmet, if you have underlying health conditions or are undergoing medical treatment for hair loss. The NOOĀNCE helmet may not be effective for all types of hair loss, especially when the bulbs have died and some people may require more comprehensive medical treatment or a hair transplant.

In conclusion, the NOOĀNCE dual technology laser and LED helmet represents an innovative and science-based solution for those looking to combat alopecia and promote hair regrowth. With the combination of 650nm laser and LED technologies, this helmet maximizes coverage, penetration depth and overall treatment effectiveness. By integrating the NOOĀNCE helmet into your routine and following the recommendations for use, you can achieve visible results and help effectively combat hair loss.

Studies and research:

Several scientific studies and research support the effectiveness of Laser and LED technologies to stimulate hair growth and combat alopecia. You can view some of these studies by following the links below:


Hair density

Evaluation measured clinically: +27.9% increase in hair density after 6 months of use by analysis of macrophotographs taken by the Proscope x30 (+25.2% after 4 months and +9% after 2 months).

Use test under dermatological control: Improvement in hair density for 87.5% of users after 6 months of use.

*Study carried out by an independent French laboratory on 21 volunteers aged 25 to 55 for 6 months with use every other day (1 session = 25 minutes) using mode 1 (continuous) for the first two months then mode 2 (pulsed) the last four months.

Hair thickness

Evaluation measured clinically: +20.8% increase in hair thickness after 6 months of use by analysis of macrophotographs taken by the Proscope x30 (+15.1% after 4 months and +8.2% after 2 month).

Use test under dermatological control: An improvement in the thickness, quality and general condition of the hair for 93.7% of users .

*Study carried out by an independent French laboratory on 21 volunteers aged 25 to 55 for 6 months with use every other day (1 session = 25 minutes) using mode 1 (continuous) for the first two months then mode 2 (pulsed) the last four months.


Use test under dermatological control: Improved hair shine for 81.2% of users.


Our customers are talking about it

Pleasant and more effective than all the products already tried!!
"[...] I notice regrowth at the temples which were clear. Furthermore, the density of my hair has improved. I have fine hair and the ends were very thin. They are now denser from root to root. the point I am delighted and I will continue. to use it."
Marie Pierre S.
I ordered and received the LED helmet...
"I ordered and received the LED hair helmet. I immediately noticed a reduction in hair loss when brushing. However, I would like to point out that I don't have any real hair problems. My wish at 60 is to preserve my hair mass. [...]"
How effective is your headset?
"I've been using it for 3 months now and I see a difference. Those around me see it. Finally a product that works. I'm so happy. Thank you Nooance even if it's still a budget"
High performance hair helmet
“Volume and reduction in hair loss + small growths on the forehead after a few weeks”
"A little over a month of use and the results are starting to be seen: hair that seems much thicker!! I love it!!"
Anais T.
“Their hair helmet is the best investment I have made, stunning results. Shipping is always careful and fast”
A must have
"I am beyond delighted, my hair has never been so healthy. I was losing it a lot even though I have fine hair. I felt like I could see my scalp in certain places. [...] I am delighted with the result, I stopped buying food supplements and growth serums which never gave this result."
Laset and Led helmet
"Just TOP. After a few weeks, I already have the impression of having gained hair density. Considering the results in such a short time, I tell myself that it is very promising for my fine hair"
Sybil L.
Amazed by the results
"I noticed a little less white hair, a clear difference in the texture too, I have curly hair and the curl is even more defined, more uniform, holds better, without effort, mass and volume like I I haven't had stronger, shinier, very dense and thick hair for years. I'm absolutely won over!

How to use it ?

The NOOĀNCE headset is easy to use completely independently thanks to its Remote Control/Battery and can be easily integrated into your routine .

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use the headset every other day, for 25 minutes per session.

Consult the quick use instructions .

frequently asked Questions

Why is the Nooance helmet so effective?

Our helmets feature dual LASER and LED technology. The power of the LEDS is 4.5mW/cm² for a dose per 25mins of 6.75joules/cm². The recommended treatment duration is 25mins every other day.

Our helmets use red light at 650nm (in the scientific literature, data indicates that using light between 650 and 660nm sent with an energy of 4 joules/cm² for 25 minutes ensures results without having to of undesirable effects, namely heating of the helmet). We therefore chose a wavelength of 650nm because it has been demonstrated in vivo that this wavelength acts on hair growth.

Our helmets combine both LED and LASER technologies with the essential version containing 51 LASERS and 69 red LEDS and the professional version 82 LASERS and 200 LEDS.

Following our study carried out on the Professional helmet by an independent laboratory over 6 months of use and on a panel of 20 women and men between 25 and 55 years old, here are the results: -195% reduction in hair loss+27 .9% increase in hair density + 20.8% increase in hair thickness.

What are the expected results with the helmet and in how long?

The helmet helps strengthen the hair and stimulate hair growth. Improvements can be seen after 4 to 6 months of regular use.

Can I use the Headset daily? How long max?

The Helmet cannot be used daily. The treatment protocol with the laser and LED helmet is 25 minutes every other day.

Can I use the helmet if I have had a hair transplant?

Consult your transplant specialist before using the helmet to ensure it is safe for your specific situation. Many clinics specializing in hair transplantation offer our Professional headset in their transplant monitoring protocol.

What are the different phases in the life of a hair?

The life cycle of a hair includes three main phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen, which take place over several years.

1. Anagen phase (growth phase): This phase lasts between 2 and 7 years and determines the length of our hair. Hair grows on average about 1 cm per month during this period.

2. Catagen phase (transition phase): This transition phase lasts approximately 10 days. During this period, the hair stops growing and detaches from the hair follicle.

3. Telogen phase (resting phase): This phase lasts approximately 3 months. During the telogen phase, the hair remains in place but no longer grows. At the end of this phase, the hair falls out, and a new hair begins to grow from the follicle, marking the start of a new cycle.

The duration of these phases varies among individuals and can be influenced by many factors, including age, health, genetics, and various environmental factors. On average, a person loses between 50 and 100 hairs per day as part of the natural life cycle of hair.

What is the difference between the Beauty and Regrowth Helmet and the Anti-Hair Loss and Regrowth Helmet

The Beauty and Regrowth Helmet is designed for home use, with 52 Lasers and 68 LEDS, intended for people who want to beautify their hair, make it stronger, increase the diameter of each hair and increase growth.

The Anti-Hair Loss and Regrowth Helmet offers superior power with 82 Lasers and 200 LEDS, suitable for those who are losing their hair and looking for more intensive results.

How is the NOOĀNCE Paris Laser and Led Helmet unique for hair growth?

The “Le Professionnel” helmet from NOOĀNCE Paris stands out for its use of dual Laser and LED technology. This innovative combination acts deeply to strengthen the hair fiber, making hair denser and healthier. Unlike other hair treatments, this helmet offers a complete solution by stimulating hair growth and caring for the scalp.

What are the advantages of doing the treatment at home instead of going to an institute?

Doing the treatment at home and going to a salon are two complementary approaches that each offer unique advantages. Here’s why integrating treatments at home can be beneficial:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: At-home treatments, such as with the Nooānce mask, can be easily integrated into your daily or weekly routine, providing flexibility that salon visits cannot always provide.
  • Regularity and Attendance: Optimal results from skin care treatments require regularity and diligence. Use at home makes it possible to maintain a constant frequency of care, which is difficult to achieve with sessions in institutes, which are often organized in spaced out treatments.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Although the initial investment in a high-quality device like the Nooānce mask may seem high, it quickly pays for itself compared to the repeated costs of in-store treatments. In the long term, this represents a significant saving.
  • Complementary Treatment: Using the Nooānce mask at home does not replace professional treatments in an institute but complements them. Home treatments can extend and amplify the benefits of treatments received in a salon, offering a comprehensive skin care strategy.
How do I clean my helmet?

We advise you to regularly clean your Laser & Led Helmet. Once or twice a month or even after each session if you suffer from bacterial conditions.

To clean your device, you can follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, after your session remove the headset from your head and unplug it.
  2. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe the surface of the device and remove dirt and residue.
  3. If necessary, you can use a mild cleanser such as biseptin to disinfect it. To be preferred in the case of use by several people and/or presence of bacteria. You can also use an anti-bacterial wipe.
  4. Make sure not to get electronic parts, such as LED lights, lasers and wires wet.
  5. Once you have cleaned your device, let it air dry completely.
  6. Store it in a dry, clean place to prevent it from becoming damaged or contaminated.

It is important to clean your Laser & LED Helmet regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain good hygiene.

Can I use the mask or helmet if I am breastfeeding?

It is necessary to consult your doctor before using our devices while breastfeeding.

Can I use the mask or helmet if I am pregnant?

We absolutely recommend consulting your doctor before using our devices during pregnancy.

Can I travel by plane with my mask or helmet?

The lightness of the device makes it an ideal travel companion. It is allowed in the cabin. If you want to save it in the hold, take the Remote Control/Battery with you in the cabin. In fact, the main airlines refuse lithium batteries in the hold. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your airline.