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Tout savoir sur l'Acide Tranexamique : un actif à l'impact thérapeutique sur la Peau
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Everything you need to know about Tranexamic Acid: an active ingredient with a therapeutic impact on the Skin

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The appearance of brown spots is a very common skin problem, often worsened by time and exposure to the sun. To treat skin hyperpigmentation , there is now a new possible route: tranexamic acid . This active ingredient, long reserved for the medical field, is integrated into cosmetic skin care. It would have a lightening power and would help to overcome pigmentation spots such as redness and brown spots. Discover the action of tranexamic acid on the skin and follow our advice to effectively integrate it into your beauty routine.

What is tranexamic acid?

Tranexamic acid is a synthetic analogue of lysine , an amino acid essential to the human body and in particular to the maintenance of healthy skin .

Tranexamic acid is increasingly used in cosmetics under the name “Tranexamic Acid” for its lightening and anti-inflammatory properties . It blocks the skin's natural pigmentation process and therefore the synthesis of melanin, which makes it a formidable ingredient for reducing hyperpigmentation spots and evening out the complexion.

The different hyperpigmentation spots: knowing how to recognize them

Age spots

Age spots are also known as sun spots because they are mostly caused by exposure to the sun. This is also why they appeared most often on often exposed parts of the body such as the face, neck and décolleté, or even the hands and arms.

With age, melanocytes , the cells that produce melanin, decrease in number and make the skin more sensitive to the sun. There is also a dysfunction of these remaining melanocytes, which tend to accumulate, which is the cause of the appearance of sun spots. The complexion is then no longer uniform and darker areas are visible on the skin.

Brown scars – or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Brown spots can also appear following an injury, lesion or even a rash. This is what we call post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation . When the skin is damaged, inflammation encourages melanocytes to produce more melanin, which leads to the appearance of a hyperpigmented, i.e. darker, area. These spots can appear on certain areas of the body weakened by hair removal, such as the armpits or the bikini line.

In the case of acne, popping pimples can worsen the skin condition and the appearance of dark spots. In some cases, acne scars are more pink-red in color, we then speak of post-inflammatory erythema, not to be confused with brown spots because the two problems do not necessarily require the same care.


Melasma corresponds to a darker, wide and extended area . This pathology particularly affects the forehead and around the mouth. We do not know the exact causes of melasma but there are aggravating factors such as:

  • Genetics : Melasma is more common in people who tan easily or have naturally darker skin.
  • Hormonal changes : this is the case with contraceptive pills and pregnancy. This is why melasma affects women more often than men.
  • Other factors can also play a role in the appearance of melasma: exposure to the sun, stress, thyroid diseases or even certain antiepileptic medications.

How does tranexamic acid work to prevent and reduce dark spots?

To make the skin color uniform, tranexamic acid works by inhibiting the activity of a skin enzyme known as plasmin. Upon exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, skin cells develop excess plasmin , which triggers other substances which in turn stimulate excess melanin production. Thus, by avoiding this excess of plasmin, we also prevent the formation of brown spots .

Tranexamic acid is therefore a new, very effective ingredient to integrate into your routine for reducing sun spots. We also recommend that you always apply sunscreen to limit the appearance of new spots and prevent those already present from getting worse.

How to integrate tranexamic acid into your beauty routine?

This “beautiful skin” active ingredient can be used daily morning and/or evening. It is generally well tolerated by most skin types and does not cause allergic reactions. It can therefore even be suitable for sensitive skin.

At Nooance-Paris, we currently offer you 3 high-performance treatments with tranexamic acid which target pigment spots, brown spots and redness.

The Unifying Radiance Cream

Our Unifying and Brightening Radiance Cream contains several effective ingredients to improve the texture and clarity of the skin , while reducing age spots. It notably combines tranexamic acid with pure encapsulated retinol to stimulate cell renewal and reduce the appearance of fine lines, but also arbutin and stabilized vitamin C.

Thanks to its ultra-effective active ingredients, this cream boosts the skin's radiance: it is visibly smoother, more luminous and uniform. Its melting cream texture is suitable for all skin types and allows it to be used in the morning as a day cream or as a night treatment.


Anti-Redness Clarifying Treatment

The Anti-Redness Clarifying Treatment is specifically formulated for skin prone to redness , irritation, pigment spots and uneven skin tone. Its unique formula contains tranexamic acid concentrated at 3%, combined with azelaic acid concentrated at 12% and a complex of lightening, soothing and nourishing active ingredients. Its benefits are numerous:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Brighten the complexion
  • Reduce pigment spots
  • Fight against redness
  • Reduce imperfections
  • Regulate sebum for clear and unified skin

Its emulsified serum texture fits easily into all skincare routines.


Intensive Anti-Dark Spot Treatment

The Intensive Anti-Dark Spot Treatment combines two treatments in one product. We find a vitamin C booster, associated with a serum containing tranexamic acid, including azelaic acid and niacinamide for several benefits:

  • Target and visibly reduce imperfections such as dark spots, red spots and acne scars.
  • And offer a more uniform , luminous and rejuvenated complexion.

This very light emulsified treatment can act as a serum or day cream, depending on your skin type.