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Nettoyage de la peau en profondeur : adapter une routine en fonction de son type de peau
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Deep cleansing of the skin: adapt a routine according to your skin type

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Deep Skin Cleansing: Adapting a Routine to Your Skin Type

More than a simple beauty gesture , cleansing the skin of the face is a step that should not be neglected. Clean skin is more conducive to receiving appropriate care and maintaining a healthy, radiant and healthy appearance. But how to deeply cleanse the skin without damaging it? Identify your skin type and explore cleansing techniques to incorporate into your daily routine.

Why Take Care of Your Skin Everyday?

Cleansing your face every day is essential to unclog pores, eliminate excess sebum and help the skin regenerate more quickly.

The Benefits of Clean, Hydrated Skin

Washing your face in the morning helps get rid of all the toxins accumulated during the night and prepares your skin to face external aggressions (pollution, UV, dust, etc.). Applying your makeup to clean skin also limits the risk of irritation and breakouts.

In the evening, it is essential to remove makeup and cleanse your skin to eliminate the day's impurities and traces of makeup, but also prepare it to receive night care and thus regain a fresh complexion and clear skin when you wake up. Indeed, cosmetic active ingredients are more effective on clean and healthy skin because they can act in depth.

Clogged Pores and Excess Sebum: What Impacts on the Skin?

Throughout the day, the skin is in contact with external elements which weaken it (wind, cold, humidity, fine particles, makeup, etc.). When the skin is not cleansed, dead cells accumulate, which is what causes excess sebum and enlarged pores. All these residues remain on the surface and prevent cell renewal , therefore the normal functioning of the epidermis.

Identify Your Skin Type for Effective Cleansing

Each skin has its own specificities and therefore different needs: determining your skin type is one of the bases for building your skin care routine .

Different Skin Types

Dry skin

The signs of dry skin are:

  • Thin and fragile skin, often dehydrated
  • Irritation, itching or redness
  • A feeling of tightness
  • Very visible wrinkles and rapidly aging skin

Oily skin

Oily skin can be recognized by excessive sebum production which has several consequences:

  • A shiny effect, especially on the forehead, nose and chin
  • Blemishes such as pimples and blackheads
  • Enlarged pores

Mixed skin

This is the most common skin type : we then find excess sebum on certain parts of the face only (the T zone) and other areas that are normal or dry.

Sensitive skin

So-called sensitive skin is very reactive to its environment (such as temperature change) and to the composition of the products used. It may present with redness, tingling or allergies.

Mature skin

Mature skin has several characteristics linked to skin aging :

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dull complexion
  • Skin that loses elasticity
  • Dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Sometimes dehydration or dryness

Adapt your Cleansing Routine to your Skin Type

Once you know your skin type, it is easier to choose a suitable cleansing product. As for cleansing, combination to oily skin needs an exfoliating cleanser, based on salicylic acid for example, combined with a purifying mask.

Normal to dry skin sometimes needs just one cleanse per day. To avoid irritating the skin, it is preferable to use a foaming gel or moisturizing milk, which is gentler on the skin.

The cosmetics used should also be chosen according to your skin texture: discover all the Nooance products to take care of your skin .

Washing Your Skin Properly: Deep Cleansing Techniques

There are several methods to obtain healthy, clean skin: double cleansing, steam baths, masks, scrubs... Discover all the secrets of these techniques!

Double Cleansing: Why and How?

Directly inspired by Asia, double cleansing involves cleansing the skin with cleansing oil, then washing it with a gentle cleanser. These two steps are usually complemented by a lotion, serum or moisturizer.

It may be interesting to carry out this double deep cleansing if you feel that your skin needs a more intense wash than usual, after a sports session for example.

The Importance of Steam Baths and Their Role

Hot water steam is used for deep skin cleansing: it opens the pores of the face and removes impurities. The steam bath, or facial hammam, is particularly effective for acne-prone skin, on blackheads and to prevent the appearance of pimples. Plus, it’s a very pleasant relaxing moment!

Choice and Use of Purifying Masks

The mask can be applied occasionally, in addition to cleansing. The advantage is that it targets a specific need of the skin: purifying face masks provide a real boost of freshness to oily skin prone to imperfections. Leave the mask on for the indicated time to benefit from all its benefits.

Exfoliation and Scrub

Exfoliants and scrubs should be used in moderation, especially for sensitive skin. But they are very effective in removing dead skin and smoothing skin texture.

Professional Peeling and Dermalinfusion

Chemical peeling is carried out in aesthetic medicine to exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin. If you want to cleanse your face in depth, the patented Dermalinfusion technique is ideal: this rejuvenating skin treatment exfoliates, hydrates and gives an immediate beautiful skin effect.

But these aesthetic treatments do not replace daily cleaning, a suitable skincare routine and good hydration.

Practical Tips for Keeping Skin Clean and Healthy

Use Mild Cleansers

Deeply cleansing your skin does not mean stripping it with products based on fruit acids or alcohol. On the contrary, too aggressive cleansing attacks the skin's protective barrier, the hydrolipidic film . The skin then produces more sebum and imperfections appear.

A gentle soap-free cleanser is recommended to gently wash the skin, combined with regular care to preserve the skin barrier.

Moisturize Skin After Cleansing

Post-cleansing hydration is crucial to maintaining glowing, healthy skin. Favor concentrated cosmetics, which integrate powerful active ingredients, such as the hydrating serum with 5 hyaluronic active ingredients , an intense treatment which is sufficient in itself to hydrate the skin and fight sustainably against the appearance of signs of aging.