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Le Bisabolol : Un Actif de Choix pour les Peaux Sensibles ou Irritées
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Bisabolol: An Active of Choice for Sensitive or Irritated Skin

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In the world of skin care, certain ingredients stand out for their gentleness and effectiveness on the most sensitive skin. Among them, bisabolol (or alpha-bisabolol) is a popular active ingredient, appreciated for its soothing and restorative properties . NOOĀNCE explores this unusual cosmetic component in depth: discover what makes it so interesting for skin health .

What is Bisabolol?

Plant Origin: a derivative of Chamomile

Bisabolol is a terpene alcohol naturally present in many plants, notably chamomile. It is often extracted from chamomile essential oil for its use in cosmetics, although it can also be synthesized in the laboratory. It sometimes appears under the name alpha bisabolol in cosmetic ingredient lists.


Chamomile essential oil

Why is Bisabolol so Interesting in Cosmetic Formulations?

Scientific studies confirm the benefits of bisabolol for dry skin and the scalp, and particularly its formidable effectiveness in reducing irritation and redness , as well as its soothing properties . It is also a gentle compound for all skin types, non-irritating and without side effects. This is what makes it a preferred ingredient for products intended for delicate skin.

What are the Benefits of Bisabolol for the Skin?

The benefits of this active ingredient in skincare products are numerous: reduced redness, repaired skin, deep hydration of the skin and soothing... Bisabolol is suitable for all fragile skin.

Soothing and Reduction of Redness

Bisabolol is known for its calming properties . It is ideal for soothing irritated skin, reducing redness and inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory and Restorative Properties

It promotes skin regeneration , helping to heal minor skin damage and keep the skin healthy.

Its anti-inflammatory qualities also make it a valuable ally for treating skin prone to allergic reactions or inflammation.

Antioxidant and Protective Action

This cosmetic ingredient is also a natural antioxidant , capable of protecting the epidermis against external aggressions, which makes it very effective in sun care, lip care and moisturizing day cream compositions.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin and Acne Prone Skin

Alpha - bisabolol is particularly recommended for sensitive or irritated skin (itching, scars, acne spots, etc.) because of its gentleness and soothing action. It does not attack the skin and offers immediate relief from feelings of discomfort. In addition, its anti-inflammatory action helps reduce visible signs of irritation.

How to integrate Bisabolol into your Beauty Routine? Our advices

Choosing skin care products containing Bisabolol: The Benefits

  • This calming active agent is very gentle on the skin and non-irritating. It can therefore be used in the formulation of care and even at low dosage, it is nonetheless very effective.
  • Applied regularly, bisabolol will help restore a smooth and even complexion , but also prevent the appearance of imperfections and new skin inflammations. It is therefore formidable both as a soothing treatment and as preventive skin care.
  • The other advantage of bisabolol is that it facilitates the absorption of other active ingredients , thus enhancing the effectiveness of cosmetic products. The ideal is to combine it with other ingredients of interest for your skin problem, such as essential oils , hyaluronic acid in case of significant need for hydration or niacinamide to even out the complexion and fade brown spots. .

NOOĀNCE Anti-Redness Treatment

At NOOĀNCE, we include bisabolol in several of our formulations specially designed for sensitive skin. We value it for its gentle but effective action , offering immediate comfort while supporting the natural skin barrier.

Alpha-bisabolol is present at 0.5% in our Anti-Redness Clarifying Treatment , combined with the power of azelaic acid and tranexamic acid, two key active ingredients to combat hyperpigmentation, reduce inflammation and obtain smoother and more even skin.



Anti-Redness Clarifying Treatment


Bisabolol is a hidden gem in the skincare world. Its ability to soothe, repair and protect makes it a must-have ingredient for those looking for gentle, yet powerful solutions for sensitive or irritated skin . At NOOĀNCE, we are proud to offer this jewel of nature in our products, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality care , tailored to the specific needs of their skin.