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Contour des yeux : Comment l'appliquer idéalement pour un regard éclatant
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Eye contour: How to apply it ideally for a radiant look

Table of contents

The skin surrounding the eye is thinner and more fragile than the rest of the face: it deserves special attention. Lack of sleep, the intense pace of life but also age are all factors responsible for marks around the eyes : dark circles, bags, wrinkles and fine lines, swelling or even pigment spots. Result: the look becomes dull, without radiance. Applying a specific treatment for the eye area helps hydrate the area, smooth the skin and stimulate blood circulation. Follow our expert advice to apply your eye cream effectively and regain fresh, rejuvenated eyes .

The Eye Contour: a Beauty Gesture Not to Be Neglected

Why Should You Take Care of the Eye Area?

In our modern societies, the eyes are constantly stressed, whether by external aggressions (pollution, dust), by fatigue and lack of sleep , or by the blue light of screens.

The skin surrounding the eye is subject to all these disruptors: it becomes more sensitive and the eyes appear more swollen and marked. It is therefore necessary to take care of the eye contour to reduce dark circles and bags , as well as prevent the appearance of signs of aging .

What are the Benefits of an Eye Contour Treatment?

Unlike facial care, cosmetics intended for the eye area are formulated to be in contact with the eyes, they are tested under ophthalmological control .

Furthermore, the skin is thinner under the eyes than on the rest of the face: the hydrolipid barrier does not play its protective role and signs of aging appear more quickly. Where a simple moisturizing cream would be insufficient, a suitable eye contour treatment allows you to target the specific needs of this part of the face: hydration, protection of the epidermis, anti-aging effect and microcirculation.

Choosing the Ideal Eye Contour Treatment to Rejuvenate Your Eyes

To benefit from an effective eye cream, it is essential to identify the needs of your skin.


The area around the eyes is drier and more sensitive : without a hydrolipidic film, it does not retain water and dehydrates more easily. This is what causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and what we call crow's feet , which are actually expression lines linked to repeated contractions of the facial muscles.


Blue circles ( or vascular circles) and brown circles are due to poor blood circulation around the eye. You must then opt for draining and decongestant active ingredients , such as caffeine. Antioxidants ( niacinamide , vitamin C, retinol, etc.) are also useful for reducing inflammation and pigment spots.

Firmness and Wrinkles

Choose an anti-aging eye contour treatment to firm, plump and smooth the skin. Over time, the skin no longer produces enough collagen and the eye contour is the first area marked by the signs of aging with the appearance of wrinkles in the corner of the eye. Choose ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

NOOANCE Intense Eye Contour Treatment contains a concentrated form of hyaluronic acid, X50 Hyalupower Filler, which helps maintain skin hydration and helps visibly reduce signs of fatigue, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.


How to Properly Apply Eye Contour?

Follow these steps to apply your eye cream effectively and maximize its effects.

Prepare the Skin before Applying the Treatment

Skin should be clean before using concealer. Cleanse your face and apply your usual serum, then let it dry for a few minutes to maximize product absorption.

You can apply your eye contour morning and evening for better effectiveness: in the morning during your beauty routine , to protect the skin from external aggressions, and in the evening as a night treatment to decongest the eyes, reinforce hydration and act on deep wrinkles.

Application Tips

Take a quantity of product the size of a grain of rice and apply to the orbital bone by massaging lightly, or tapping onto the eye contour and the eyelid. Do not apply it to the eyelashes or inside the eye.

Complete with a circular massage around the entire eye area to stimulate blood circulation. Some eye treatments feature massaging beads , ideal for promoting penetration of the product and giving a fresh effect that helps brighten the eyes.