PREBIOTICS Oleoactive Biome

Biome Oleoactif is an innovative and biotechnological cosmetic ingredient produced from a rare extremophilic bacterium. This bacterium was collected from a hot spring, which allows it to survive in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and high levels of minerals.
The Oleoactive Biome is designed to act as a prebiotic effect, which balances the skin microbiota and maintains the integrity of the epidermal barrier. In other words, this ingredient helps support skin health by nourishing the good bacteria that naturally live on the skin, which can help prevent infection and inflammation.

In addition to its prebiotic properties, Biome oleoactif also contains polar lipids, known for their moisturizing properties and their function as an effective vector of active ingredients. These lipids help deeply hydrate the skin and transport the active ingredients to the deeper layers of the epidermis.

In short, the Oleoactive Biome is an innovative cosmetic ingredient that helps support skin health by balancing the skin's microbiota and nourishing the good bacteria that live there. Its unique oil-based formulation makes it particularly suitable for rich and nourishing skin care products, and its moisturizing properties in addition to all its other qualities, make it a unique and exceptional ingredient in the world of skin care.