NOOANCE is the brand specializing in enhanced anti-aging care. It offers innovative formulas, without perfumes, without essential oils, without potentially irritating compounds. The range is therefore suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

NOOANCE treatments are formulated with the best natural ingredients combined with ultra-concentrated and scientifically proven active ingredients. Highly effective, they are the result of demanding daily work of more than two years of very in-depth research, development with the best French laboratories and subjected to the strictest tests, to offer adapted and high-performance care. By protecting your skin from skin irritations and inflammations linked to climate, lifestyle and other health problems, NOOANCE products support you in “aging well”. By playing the card of transparency and making all the information on its formulas available, NOOANCE positions itself as an expert and sincere brand which does not obey marketing trends but those of the latest scientific research.

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“When I decided to create NOOANCE , my objective was to offer a range of treatments with powerful and precisely dosed active ingredients, in correlation with the latest scientific advances.
NOOANCE positions itself as a scientifically very advanced brand, while making it accessible to understand its formulas so that everyone can, if they wish, know what their serum or cream contains. Since eco-responsibility is particularly close to my heart, the formulas and our packaging have been designed to preserve our planet.
We will never seek an ingredient from deforestation on the other side of the planet on the pretext that it would be a natural or organic product, if it can be replicated identically in the laboratory.

Carole Amar, founder of the Nooance brand

The NOOANCE philosophy

All our formulations are 100% French. With our partner laboratories located in the four corners of France, we choose the origin of our ingredients that is most relevant for the planet, for the respect of the skin and for that of our customers. For example, it seems inconceivable to us to participate in deforestation to cultivate a natural active ingredient when science has the capacity to reproduce the same quality of molecules.

NOOANCE wants to popularize the language used by the beauty industry and make the understanding of cosmetics accessible to everyone. This is why we choose total transparency for everything we do.
Transparency at NOOANCE means revealing all the active ingredients present in our compositions, also mentioning their dosage, we have no secrets to hide.

Without compromising on sensoriality

Because it is essential to combine a good scientific formulation with the "pleasure" of your application, it is this combination of the two that we call at NOOANCE : "sciensoriality", the art of science and sensoriality.
At the heart of our specifications: stimulate positive emotions thanks to the choice of textures that are easy and pleasant to use.
We take the decision not to perfume our galenics, except for the rinsable products that we perfume with subtle fragrances.



NOOANCE is also developing a range of innovative technological devices usually used by aesthetic medicine practices.
These anti-aging beauty accessories, complementary to the skincare range, are based on cutting-edge technologies, now finally accessible at home.


“No desire to be certified organic, natural, or conventional…
Just the conviction and the desire to take the best of nature by avoiding recognized irritants and allergens... The best of cleanliness by studying item by item what would be the smartest (example of organic which would come from South America? Ok but the carbon footprint in all this?/ or even bio-plastic for packaging, yes, but what about the depletion of our planet's resources?). And finally the best of the conventional by rigorously selecting active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy. »

Carole Amar, founder of NOOANCE


At NOOANCE , our requirement is total: Do your best and with common sense. When sourcing our assets, we seek the right balance between efficiency and environmental impact. We favor local sourcing, ingredients available in the laboratory rather than on the other side of the planet.


Most NOOANCE containers are made of glass, a material that is 100% infinitely recyclable.
For the rest of the range, we have chosen to use recyclable and/or recycled plastic.
Refillable products: we aim to offer refills whenever possible. This solution reduces our waste, the costs of our products, but also the carbon emissions that are generated in proportion to the weight of the packages.
Be responsible YES and with nuance. We do things as well as possible and favor common sense in all the choices we make.

At NOOANCE, transparency is at the heart of our philosophy, do not hesitate to write to us for any request for additional information.

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