Collection: Beauty Tech: Transform your Approach to Anti-Aging Care

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What are the advantages of Beauty Tech in the skin's beauty routine?

The main advantage of Beauty Tech lies in its ability to transform the Approach to Anti-Aging Care. By integrating connected devices such as the Nooance-Paris LED facial mask into your routine, you benefit from cutting-edge cosmetics that effectively target skin problems, using light therapy for younger, healthier skin.

How does LED therapy target skin issues?

NOOĀNCE Paris LED therapy uses red and infrared LED lights to specifically treat skin problems like acne, redness and wrinkles. This cutting-edge skincare technology uses light energy to penetrate deep into skin layers, promoting healing and regeneration of the skin.

Is the LED Mask suitable for all skin types for Anti-aging Care?

Absolutely, the NOOĀNCE Paris LED mask is designed to suit all skin types. It offers a complete anti-aging treatment by stimulating cell renewal

and collagen production. In addition, thanks to its use of light at an optimal wavelength, it provides gentle but effective treatment, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

How is the NOOĀNCE Paris Laser and Led Helmet unique for hair growth?

The “Le Professionnel” helmet from NOOĀNCE Paris stands out for its use of dual Laser and LED technology. This innovative combination acts deeply to strengthen the hair fiber, making hair denser and healthier. Unlike other hair treatments, this helmet offers a complete solution by stimulating hair growth and caring for the scalp.