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Soins de la peau : 5 erreurs basiques à éviter
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Skincare: 5 basic mistakes to avoid

Table of contents

Mistake 1: Cleaning

Cleansing can often seem trivial but in reality it is a key step for skin health. It is essential to regularly cleanse your skin to eliminate impurities and dirt which can cause a dull complexion, imperfections and premature aging. That said, it is also important to choose a gentle, non-aggressive cleanser.

For example, it is preferable not to use soaps because they are cleansers with a basic pH around 9-12. However, since the skin has an acidic pH of 5.5, the use of soap can disrupt the natural pH of the skin and worsen the appearance of imperfections or cause dryness and irritation. A soap-free cleanser using modern surfactants is more likely to be gentle on the skin.

Tips : for a cleanser to be gentle, it is preferable that they contain several surfactants, that is to say several cleaning agents. Indeed, studies have shown that contrary to what one might think, combining surfactants does not increase the irritant nature but reduces it. Among the most common surfactants, we find:

  • Sulfates which can be irritating depending on the formula
  • Glucosides derived from sugar: cocoglucoside, decyl glucoside. They are generally very gentle.
  • Betaines such as cocamidopropyl betaine. . They are usually very gentle too.

Another tip for finding a potentially gentle cleanser is to look to see if it has glycerin in the first few ingredients. In fact, glycerin helps counterbalance the drying effect that certain surfactants can have.

Mistake 2: Neglecting hydration


The second mistake is neglecting hydration. Hydration is an essential step for everyone and at any age. In fact, it is necessary for the proper functioning of all skin processes, including cell renewal. Even oily skin needs to hydrate the skin, contrary to what we often hear.

In cosmetics, there are three types of ingredients that affect skin hydration:

  • Humectants:
  • Humectants are ingredients with an affinity for water molecules. They make it possible to hydrate the skin by two possible mechanisms: by forming a film on the surface of the skin to reduce water loss, that is to say that the water present in the skin does not evaporate or by attracting water molecules from the deeper layers of the skin to the upper layers. Among humectants in cosmetics, we find hyaluronic acid and other polysaccharides, glycerin, amino acids, urea and many others.

  • Emollients:
  • Emollients help soften the skin and support the skin barrier. They are also very important for the sensoriality of cosmetic products. In this category, we find lipids: oils, fatty acids, fatty acid esters, ceramides, cholesterol, etc. as well as certain silicones.

  • Occlusives:
  • The role of occlusives is to form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to protect it from the external environment and maintain its hydration. In this category, we find mineral oils, waxes and butters.

    Advice :

    Even if hydration is essential for all skin types, the appropriate products will not be the same depending on the skin type. For example, combination to oily skin mainly needs humectants and emollients. Therefore, you should favor light moisturizing products in the form of serums, gels or cream-gels.

    While dry skin needs occlusives. Therefore, you should favor rich moisturizing creams and balms.

    To add a hydration step to any beauty routine, we recommend the NOOĀNCE bubble serum which, thanks to its innovative formulation, allows you to hydrate while targeting the signs of aging. It notably contains meadowsweet oil, an emollient, non-greasy oil, quickly absorbed and rich in omega 9 fatty acids to reduce water loss and also strengthens the skin barrier, making the skin more resistant to to external attacks.

    Mistake 3: Not applying SPF

    Applying a sunscreen almost daily is essential to preserve the health of the skin and avoid the appearance of wrinkles and premature brown spots. In fact, skin aging depends on two factors:

    • Intrinsic aging linked to our genetics, it is specific to each individual
    • Extrinsic aging linked to external aggressions: sun, pollution, tobacco, stress, diet, sleep, etc.

    Some studies indicate that skin aging depends 80% on extrinsic aging. And among the extrinsic factors, the sun is the most aggravating factor for the skin. UV rays cause mutations in the DNA of cells and they stimulate metalloproteinases, which are collagen-destroying enzymes. This results in premature appearance of spots, loss of elasticity, loss of firmness, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We even talk about photo aging.

    It is therefore essential to apply at least SPF30 sunscreen outdoors to preserve the health of the skin. Especially since the sun is also an aggravating factor for many skin problems: acne, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.

    Today there are great sunscreen products, without white marks, without greasy finish, without sticky finish which are pleasant to use for daily application.

    NOOĀNCE elegance sun care offers SPF30 protection with very high UVA protection of 50 to minimize the impact of UVA on skin aging. It also offers a mattifying finish so you don't have any shine throughout the day.


    Mistake 4: Wanting to do too much

    When you get started in cosmetics, you may want to combine all the best active ingredients. However, this is a very bad idea because it can lead to irritation.

    To start a cosmetic routine, it is essential to already focus on the basics: cleanser, hydration and sun protection. Once this is done, it is then possible to look in more detail at the active ingredients to target skin problems by choosing a single product targeting dehydration, imperfections, brown spots, dull complexion, the presence of wrinkles, sagging etc.


    For example, for hydration, we recommend adding NOOĀNCE multi-active serum morning and evening after cleansing and before cream.


    For signs of aging, we recommend adding the NOOĀNCE copper peptide youth serum morning and evening after cleansing and before the cream.


    For dull and uneven complexion, we recommend adding NOOĀNCE unifying and smoothing radiance cream, starting with use every other evening after cleansing.


    To soothe, we recommend adding NOOĀNCE bubble serum morning and evening after cleansing and before the cream.


    It is preferable to introduce the products one by one to check the skin's tolerance. Once the first product is suitable, i.e. the skin does not show irritation or other negative effects, it is then possible to add a second new product and so on.

    Mistake 5: Being in too much of a hurry

    The last mistake is being in too much of a hurry: cosmetics is a long-term business. Studies concerning the beneficial actions of the active ingredients found at NOOĀNCE are carried out over periods of at least 3 months and sometimes even 6 months. It is important to be regular with the use of cosmetic products, that is to say not to change products regularly and to use them as frequently as possible, generally once or twice a day to see the results.