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L'Allantoïne, un Actif Hydratant à la Pointe de la Cosmétique
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Allantoin, a Moisturizing Active at the Cutting Edge of Cosmetics

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Allantoin, often discreet in lists of cosmetic ingredients , is nevertheless an essential in the world of beauty. This ingredient provides hydration, soothing, softness and is suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive or irritated skin. At NOOĀNCE, we celebrate Allantoin for its multiple virtues and its remarkable effectiveness, by integrating it into our innovative formulas , combined with other powerful active ingredients.

What is Allantoin?

Origin and Composition

Allantoin is a chemical compound naturally present in several plants, in cereal seeds and in the urine of most mammals. In cosmetics, this plant compound is often synthesized in the laboratory to guarantee its purity and effectiveness. It is particularly popular with the cosmetics industry for its regenerating and soothing properties.


Allantoin: Multiple Benefits for the Skin

Healing and Repair

Allantoin stimulates the growth of new tissue, aka cell turnover , helping the skin heal faster and reducing the appearance of scars.
Its lightening and exfoliating properties promote the elimination of dead cells, without irritating the epidermis, which accelerates the regeneration of the skin and allows it to regain radiance more quickly.

Intense Hydration

Just like hyaluronic acid, this active ingredient improves the skin's ability to retain water, thus revealing a luminous and even complexion . But it stands out for its softening action , which also allows it to maintain good skin hydration and make the skin soft and more supple.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Allantoin reduces irritation and redness, making it an ideal ingredient for sensitive or damaged skin , but also for delicate skin prone to inflammation. It acts on inflamed areas by soothing tightness and other skin discomfort. This ingredient is also often included in after-sun or post-shave care: it is a gentle, non-irritating active ingredient for damaged skin.

What are the advantages of Allantoin compared to Other Moisturizing Actives?

Allantoin is above all a safe, non-irritating ingredient with no adverse effects, which makes it suitable for all skin types .

This active ingredient is versatile and can act on different skin problems:

  • Acne scars and sun spots, thanks to its lightening properties.
  • Redness, itching and irritation.
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity, by stimulating the production of collagen.
  • The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which is often caused by dry and dehydrated skin.

This is why Allantoin is included in the composition of many cosmetic products and is particularly recommended as a beauty treatment.

How to Integrate Allantoin into Your Care Routine?

Using Allantoin in your daily skincare routine can be a real asset if you are looking for moisturizing and restorative cosmetic products that do not irritate the skin.

Usage tips

You can use your Allantoin cosmetics morning and evening, ensuring that they contain a dosage between 0.1 and 2% . This active ingredient is found both in facial care (masks, moisturizing cream, serums, eye contour care) and in body products (creams, after-sun care, after-shave lotion).

Choose your Allantoin products wisely

At NOOĀNCE, Allantoin is a key ingredient in many products, from our moisturizers to our skin treatments. It is appreciated for its moisturizing properties and its gentle but effective action , suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

Our City Sun Care hydrates, soothes and protects the skin thanks to a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and a soothing complex with Allantoin and Bisabolol.



Our City Sun Care


For in-depth action and quickly visible results, our Anti-aging Concentrated Treatment with 1% retinol is an ultra-complete night cream which combines Allantoin, for its soothing properties, with a powerful blend of retinol and anti-inflammatory peptides. -age.


Anti-aging Concentrated Treatment with Retinol 1%

Allantoin is therefore a versatile active ingredient that can address several skin concerns. Its unique properties, simultaneously soothing, hydrating and regenerating , make it a rising star in the field of cosmetics. Its versatility, gentleness and effectiveness make it a preferred choice at NOOĀNCE for those seeking holistic and beneficial skin care.