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La trétinoïne avant après : Utilisation et résultats de la star des rétinoïdes anti-âge
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Tretinoin before after: Use and results of the star of anti-aging retinoids

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In just a few years, retinol has become the anti-aging treatment par excellence. From mass retailers to the most prestigious laboratories, everyone offers their own vitamin A cream. If you are interested in cosmetic news, you have definitely heard of tretinoin. This anti-acne medication, the most powerful version of retinoic acid, also proves to be a formidable active ingredient. However, retinoids cause many side effects. They are therefore not suitable for all skin types. Discover the effectiveness, safe alternatives and results of tretinoin before and after use.

What is tretinoin or vitamin A acid?

The effectiveness of retinoid products in countering the effects of aging has been analyzed since the 1980s. Numerous studies prove that tretinoin and its derivatives significantly improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin.

How did an acne treatment become the star of anti-aging skincare?

Used since 1943 to treat acne, it was in 1987 that a doctor demonstrated the anti-aging effectiveness of tretinoin . A multitude of studies and conclusive clinical trials have been carried out since then. Acidic vitamin A is also the cosmetic ingredient that has benefited from the greatest number of scientific studies to date. Retinoic acid is the only active ingredient that has a reversible effect on wrinkles.

Retinoic acid derivatives and its different conversions on the skin

Tretinoin is the pure form of the retinoid. It does not need to be transformed by the skin to be assimilated. However, vitamin A derivatives, despite their conversion, prove to be extremely effective .

  • Retinol esther requires three conversions before it is assimilated by the skin.
  • Retinol, on the other hand, requires two conversions.
  • Rethinaldehyde converts to retinoic acid in a single conversion.

With each conversion by the skin, the ingredient loses slightly in effectiveness. This is why tretinoin has the reputation of being the most effective of the different forms of vitamin A.

What are the results of tretinoin on the skin?

Both an anti-acne and anti-aging treatment, retinoic acid seems to be a solution to many problems. Let’s take a look at the effects and results of tretinoin .

The results of vitamin A on acne

Tretinoin works quickly on acne problems. First, it causes peeling of the skin like chemical exfoliation. Under the action of tretinoin, cell renewal accelerates, giving way to refined skin texture . After 8 to 10 weeks, pimples, comedones and microcysts begin to diminish.

The anti-aging effects of tretinoin

The results on the signs of aging take longer than acne treatment. However, after several weeks of use, consumers notice a reduction in fine facial wrinkles. Despite the photosensitizing action of tretinoin, it acts on damage caused by the sun such as pigment spots.

The advantages and disadvantages of tretinoin in treating the signs of aging

Tretinoin provides a multitude of benefits to the skin . But the restrictive side effects must also be taken into account before integrating it into a care routine.

Tretinoin: a drug with proven effectiveness against premature aging of the skin

The beneficial results of tretinoin are multiple. In addition to reducing wrinkles and pigment spots , this medication refines the skin texture and evens out the complexion. Faced with such results, you surely want to test this miraculous ingredient as soon as possible. However, the list of side effects might change your mind.

Possible side effects of acidic vitamin A products

Tretinoin may cause skin irritation and sensitivity . Other forms, such as retinol, are gentler and better tolerated by the skin. This treatment fits into a nighttime beauty routine, because it is photosensitizing. Do you need to expose yourself to the sun? Stop all acidic vitamin A products during this period. In addition, applying a UVA/UVB sunscreen daily is strongly recommended. Finally, retinoids are prohibited during pregnancy.

Tretinoin vs Retinol: Which is the Most Effective Form of Retinoic Acid?

Tretinoin is not the only option to combat the signs of aging. Retinol, less irritating, is an excellent alternative with fewer side effects .

Tretinoin: the purest version of retinoic acid

Tretinoin remains the most potent form of retinoids. However, there remain several disadvantages to its use. Indeed, tretinoin is not a cosmetic treatment, but a medication . This treatment requires a prescription from a doctor. In addition, the risk of irritation and the long adaptation phase make it a restrictive product.

Retinol: proven effectiveness and fewer side effects

Retinol needs to be converted twice by the skin before it is assimilated. With each transformation, he loses some benefits. However, it remains a highly effective anti-aging ingredient . It is also much gentler than tretinoin. Ultimately, retinol results take longer to occur, but are similar, without destroying your skin barrier.

How to use tretinoin and the various acidic vitamin A derivatives?

As with many products, and even more so with vitamin A, begin introducing this ingredient gradually. Also carefully follow the instructions for use. Anti-aging retinol products on the market contain 0.1% to 1% retinol, combined with other ingredients known for their anti-aging action. Retinol is usually found in the form of a serum or night cream .

Nooance offers three percentages in its retinol treatments. Opt for our night cream dosed with 0.3% retinol to gently discover this ingredient. Are you looking for a product with maximum efficiency ? Apply our night treatment containing 0.6% or 1% retinol . Thanks to our expertise, enjoy the benefits of retinol while minimizing the risk of irritation.

Despite the conclusive results of tretinoin, this medication should not be put into everyone's hands. Retinol is the ideal alternative to gently tame this anti-aging active ingredient. Effectively fight against premature aging of the skin by complementing your retinol-based routine with other anti-aging treatments. LED mask treatment , in particular, improves the texture and radiance of the skin. All these powerful anti-aging ingredients will lastingly transform the appearance of your skin.

One last piece of advice, collagen and elastic begin to diminish around the age of 25. Retinol is therefore recommended from this young age, because a wrinkle will always be easier to avoid with preventive treatment than once the dermis is broken...