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Efficacité du masque LED pour le visage : l'avis des dermatologues
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Effectiveness of the LED face mask: the opinion of dermatologists

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Beauty devices for use at home are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to specialized brands like Nooãnce Paris, LED facial masks are becoming accessible and easy to use. Light therapy treatments promise many beneficial effects on various skin problems. Enjoy the benefits of red light on signs of aging, acne and even pigment spots. Regular treatment with an LED mask also helps strengthen the skin. It is thus more resistant to external aggressions. Discover the results that an LED facial mask can offer you , as well as the opinions of dermatologists.

How does light therapy skin treatment work?

The discovery of the beneficial effects of light therapy on many conditions is not recent. The use of light in the field of health began in the 19th century.

Discovery of the beneficial effects of light therapy

Natural light has been used for many years in the treatment of dermatological, pediatric and even ophthalmological problems. However, it was NASA research in the 1980s that revolutionized the use of LEDs for skin repair . Originally, the American space agency developed this technology to promote skin repair for astronauts sent into space.

The use of light therapy in skin care

Little by little, scientific studies on the effects of LEDs on the skin are increasing. Researchers have found that LEDs do more than just repair the epidermis. Depending on their colors, they have an action on multiple skin processes . They thus demonstrate their effectiveness in the treatment of certain skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis or even rosacea. Therefore, light therapy using LED light is beginning to be used in the aesthetic treatment of the skin.

The colors of the visible light spectrum used in phototherapy

The visible light spectrum used in aesthetics has seven colors. Each color has specific wavelengths and benefits. Let’s decipher the benefits of the three colors most commonly used in the beauty sector.

Red light helps fight premature skin aging

Red light is surely the most studied to date. The length of its waves, calculated in nanometers, oscillates between 620 and 700 nm. Red light is generally safe, because it is far from ultraviolet rays produced by the sun (between 100 and 400 nanometers). This color is the one that penetrates the deepest into the skin (after infrared). Red LEDs are beneficial for many skin problems. They act on the signs of aging such as wrinkles and spots and promote the production of collagen and elastin.

Infrared LEDs stimulate collagen production and healing

Infrared, whose wavelength is between 780 and 1000 nanometers, acts on skin repair processes. Often combined with red LEDs, infrared increases its effect tenfold. Thus, red light and infrared light act in synergy to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. Infrared also demonstrates beneficial results on the appearance of scars and redness of the skin.

Is blue LED light, close to UV, safe for the skin?

Studies have also been carried out on the benefits of blue light. With a short wavelength, blue light acts on the surface. It produces free radicals, which are particularly effective in fighting bacteria and blemishes caused by acne. However, professional opinions on these LEDs are not unanimous. Their wavelengths, between 400 and 495 nanometers, remain close to UV, responsible for skin damage. Some brands prefer not to introduce blue light into their care products, in order to avoid possible changes to the skin.

The benefits of LED masks for the face and the opinion of dermatologists

As we have seen, the different colors of the light spectrum have specific effects on many skin problems. Let's discover in more detail the benefits of each color and the opinions of skin experts on the subject.

The effects of red light on the skin

Red light penetrates deep into the skin and acts on various skin processes. It demonstrates its effectiveness in the fight against premature aging , acne, redness and the overall appearance of the skin.

Red light helps with skin repair and fights signs of aging

Red light has been widely studied for its beneficial effects on the skin. Dermatologists commonly recommend red LED light for its anti-aging and restorative properties . A specific wavelength of 633 nm is ideal to achieve maximum benefits. Scientific studies confirm these observations. A study published in the Journal Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery reveals that red LED light can accelerate cell turnover and wound healing.

The dermatologist's opinion on the benefits of red light for the skin

According to renowned dermatologist Sandra Lee, "Red LED light is the most universally beneficial. It penetrates deeper into the skin than other colors. Red LEDs stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen. This can improve skin tone, elasticity and firmness of the skin. Red light also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and accelerates the healing of wounds.

The properties of infrared LED light devices

Infrared light is usually combined with red LEDs to increase their effects on the skin. Near-infrared light specifically acts on healing and reduces inflammation of the skin .

LED masks with infrared strengthen the skin

Near-infrared light is another wavelength popular in dermatology. Invisible to the naked eye, it penetrates even deeper into the skin than red light. Devices with a wavelength of 830 nm are particularly effective. Research in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology demonstrates that near-infrared light can reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production, and treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

The dermatologist's opinion on the results that infrared LED devices can provide

According to Patricia Wexler, a New York dermatologist, "Near-infrared light is exceptional for its ability to penetrate deep into skin tissue. It stimulates cell regeneration. Thus, near-infrared light can help relieve inflammation, reduce spots and improve blood circulation. It can contribute to healthier, brighter skin."

How to enjoy the effects of the LED face mask at home?

To take advantage of the effects of light therapy yourself, treat yourself to an LED face mask. High-quality and affordable home appliances are available on the beauty market.

Choose a premium LED face mask

Do you find it difficult to select the ideal light therapy device ? Indeed, the choice is vast. A few things can tell you if your LED face mask is qualitative. First of all, turn to recognized brands that have benn tried and tested. The mask must have a sufficient number of LEDs to treat the entire face and neck (130 LEDs minimum). Finally, the materials used must be of superior quality, even medical grade, in order to avoid any risk of allergies.

Respect the frequency of use of the LED mask to obtain visible results

To get the best results from your LED face mask, you need to be consistent. The Nooãnce brand recommends using its light therapy device three to five times a week. With the “essential” LED mask, each session is planned to last 10 minutes. Nooãnce's professional device can be used three times a week. To act on redness and scars due to acne, a 20-minute session every other day will bring you visible and lasting results .

LED technology in Nooãnce Paris Face Masks

A complete range of LED light devices for the face, body and hair have been developed by Nooānce Paris. The technology behind these LED masks is based on scientific studies and the opinion of dermatologists. Discover the products available at Nooãnce to improve the appearance of your skin .

The essential LED face mask from Nooãnce Paris

Nooānce Paris combines the effects of red LEDs with near infrared in its essential LED mask. Equipped with 198 medical precision LEDs at 633 nm and 830 nm at +/-2 nm, this mask offers treatment for signs of aging such as wrinkles and spots, with visible results. It also acts on the radiance of the complexion, the reduction of acne, redness and accelerates the production of collagen. Focusing on the precise wavelengths of 633nm and 830nm, this LED face and neck mask provides your skin with all the benefits of red and near-infrared LEDs.

The LED mask Professional, the new product from Nooãnce

The brand, specializing in beauty tech , goes even further and now offers the professional anti-aging LED mask . Take advantage of a device for professional use, directly at home. The technological evolution of the professional mask lies in the power of its 198 LEDs . The professional device is, in fact, 50% more powerful than the “essential”. The effects of this mask are therefore faster. In addition, it is supplied with a remote control, for greater comfort of use.

A Nooãnce Paris device combining laser and LED for scalp treatment

For Nooãnce, beauty doesn't stop at beautiful, healthy-looking skin. It also requires strong, healthy hair. Thus, the brand has designed an LED mask specially for the scalp area. The Nooãnce LED light helmet offers you the power of 69 red LEDs associated with 51 lasers. This treatment fights against alopecia and hair loss. It also promotes the growth and development of hair bulbs.

LED light therapy is a powerful treatment in dermatology. Red and near-infrared LEDs offer multiple benefits to the skin. Phototherapy can help you fight the signs of aging, improve the appearance of lesions and spots due to acne or even act on the production of collagen. As always, we recommend seeking medical advice before introducing an LED face mask into your skincare routine. With technological advances and favorable opinions from dermatologists, it is certain that LED light therapy will continue to play a major role in the beauty sector.