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Crème solaire non comédogène : choisir le soin adapté au visage et au corps
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Non-comedogenic sunscreen: choosing the right treatment for your face and body

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Depending on your skin type, applying sunscreen can cause imperfections as well as unsightly shine. However, applying sun protection daily is essential to combat the sun's UV rays. Laboratories are increasing their efforts to offer sun creams that are both effective and non-comedogenic. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of filters available on the market and find the non-comedogenic sunscreen suited to your skin.

What is a non-comedogenic facial sunscreen?

A comedogenic ingredient tends to clog skin pores . It thus promotes imperfections such as blackheads or pimples. A non-comedogenic cream is therefore free from any problematic active ingredients. To include this statement on products, dermatological tests are carried out. However, the non-comedogenic label is not a guarantee. An adverse reaction may occur even with this type of product.

How to choose the non-comedogenic sunscreen compatible with your skin?

First of all, you need to identify your skin type. This is an obvious, but essential, basis. We do not apply the same products to oily skin, sensitive skin or combination skin. It is then a matter of choosing a sunscreen suitable for oily skin .

To benefit from a non-comedogenic sunscreen, look for ingredients that can cause blemishes . Creams with too heavy nutritional active ingredients are also not recommended for acne-prone skin, which has excess sebum. 1

Analyze the formula of your beauty products to eliminate comedogenic substances

Without becoming a formulation expert, it is important to know how to decipher the list of product ingredients . Comedogenic active ingredients should obviously be excluded from your beauty routine.

Active ingredients that are too rich are prohibited for acne-prone skin.

Avoid treatments containing comedogenic ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter or vegetable oils such as coconut, palm or argan oil. Mineral oil or beeswax can also dilate pores and cause blemishes.

Oily sunscreens that can clog skin pores

Some filters are found due to their occlusive texture such as avobenzone or octocrylene. Mineral filters based on titanium or zinc are also not recommended for acne-prone skin. A mineral filter does not penetrate the skin. It forms a shield which tends to clog pores.

Irritant ingredients like perfume or essential oil, enemies of blemish-prone skin

Imperfect skin is skin with a damaged skin barrier . It defends itself less well against the bacteria responsible for the inflammation of comedones. Thus, perfumes and essential oils can cause irritation, allergies, or even reactive acne. To avoid these inconveniences, opt for a fragrance-free sunscreen.

Choose a sunscreen type sunscreen fluid over a sunscreen that is too rich

At Nooānce Paris, we offer a sun care product with a fluid texture: Élégance UVA 50. This broad-spectrum sun care product has a UVA 50 and UVB 30 protection index. Non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and full of nutritious active ingredients, Elegance sunscreen promotes healthy and radiant skin. Formulated without avobenzone or octocrylene, this sunscreen will seduce you with its ultra-matte finish.

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The importance of removing makeup when wearing sunscreen on your face

Cleansing your face in the evening is essential to completely rid the skin of sun filters. Even without makeup, a makeup remover and cleansing routine is recommended. First remove makeup from your skin with an oil or balm. This treatment removes sunscreen residue. Then, using a gentle cleansing bar, carefully cleanse your face.

In the same way, you should adopt the right reflexes and thus know whether you apply sunscreen before or after day cream .

Each skin is unique. A non-comedogenic sunscreen that is right for your skin may not be a good match for another. Ask for samples or buy a small size to test the sunscreen before investing. Light therapy treatments with an LED mask can also regulate sebum and improve skin texture. The main thing is to find a sunscreen that will meet your expectations and prevent sunburn. So, you will enjoy applying it to your face, day after day.

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