What are the differences between UVA and UVB?

These are two types of rays that differ in their wavelength: UVB = 280 to 315 and UVA = 315 to 400. This difference has distinct effects on the skin. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn, burns and skin cancer. They act on the surface of the skin. UVA rays are responsible for the destruction of collagen and elastin. They therefore cause hyperpigmentation and premature aging of the skin. Their wavelength being greater, UVA rays penetrate deeper than UVB rays until they reach the deepest layers of the skin! Finally, UVA rays represent 95% of the rays reaching the surface of the earth (against 5% for UVB rays).

What does the "SPF" on the packs mean?

SPF stands for “Sun Protector Factor ”. This is the index that represents the level of protection of the product. The higher it is, the greater the action of photoprotection. The SPF index measures the blocking power of UVB rays, the rays mainly responsible for sunburn.

Why are there "grains" in sun care?

Our sunscreen has very light grains that melt quickly on contact with the skin. These grains are due to a high concentration of UVA filters and the mattifying powder incorporated in order to avoid the “shiny” effect of sunscreens.