Tranexamic acid is an active ingredient with a depigmenting and anti-inflammatory function. This is why this acid is just as much in demand for the treatment against acne as it is for the whitening of dark spots.

It will lighten the marks that acne or the sun have left on your skin.

Indeed, its role as a depigmenting agent hinders the synthesis of melanin and operates at the source of the problem to allow you to fight against hyperpigmentation.
This acid, through its whitening action, also radically reduces your dark spots caused by the sun or by skin aging. And this, even on stubborn stains as is the case with the pregnancy mask. Thanks to this, your complexion is unified and radiant.
In summary, tranexamic acid is one of the most powerful cosmetic active ingredients to whiten your dark spots, reduce your acne scars and brighten your complexion.